DIRT WEED REVUE: Leaves of Grass

The origins of Dirt Weed Review or Dirt Weed Revue (if you are feeling classy) are mysterious. It is rumored that the members escaped from a top secret DuPont lab where they were subjects of human bio-engineering experimentation. What is known is they set up camp in an abandon trailer on the banks of the Brandy-wine Creek. Where they have been churning out CD-Rs of formless jams.

They are only known by their code names because, it is rumored that DuPont wants to recapture them because of there bio-engineered super powers. John W. Smoke plays guitar, Gamblin' Dan plays prepared Guitar & Brother King James plays keys. They record guttural, sometimes unintentionally comical, naive noise rock.

You can download a high quality digital copy of the album here.
If you are still into the whole object-hood thing you can get a copy here for a mere $5.00