DIRT WEED REVUE: It's Got To Be Dignified

Sophomore effort from the Delaware A-Team. The DIRT WEED REVUE, drops drones and keeps it classy.

John W. Smoke: Guitar
Brother King James: Keyboards, spiritual guidance
Cobra Dan: Prepared Guitar
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DIRT WEED REVUE: Leaves of Grass

The origins of Dirt Weed Review or Dirt Weed Revue (if you are feeling classy) are mysterious. It is rumored that the members escaped from a top secret DuPont lab where they were subjects of human bio-engineering experimentation. What is known is they set up camp in an abandon trailer on the banks of the Brandy-wine Creek. Where they have been churning out CD-Rs of formless jams.

They are only known by their code names because, it is rumored that DuPont wants to recapture them because of there bio-engineered super powers. John W. Smoke plays guitar, Gamblin' Dan plays prepared Guitar & Brother King James plays keys. They record guttural, sometimes unintentionally comical, naive noise rock.

You can download a high quality digital copy of the album here.
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MORAL CRAYFISH: Go to Church & the Crooked Shoe

This live Moral Crayfish album documents the collaboration between Dan Cohoon on prepared guitar & special guest Scott Verrastro (Kohoutek) on percussion. It was recorded over the course of the Fall of 2009. Scott Slimm recorded the performance @ the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on 9/09/09. Steve Sanford recorded the performance @ the Crooked Shoe on 11/03/09. It was edited by Dan Cohoon @ Field Theory Recordings. You can download the entire album for free here.

If you are still into the whole object-hood thing you can purchase a copy for $5.00


Moral Crayfish: Gadolinite

Much like the mineral Gadolinite, which the latest Moral Crayfish album is named after, this album is a dark dense brooding affair. This album marks Dan Cohoon’s third time to participating in the National Solo Album Month contest, which happens every November. All Sounds produced were made using prepared/ unprepared guitar, hand percussion, thrift shop snare drum, Yamaha DX-100 keyboard, Christmas tree watering device used as a horn, bells, violin, thumb harp, harmonica and various other house hold objects. These sounds were then manipulated and layered on a laptop to create the dense sonic environments.

You can stream or download the entire album here.

Salinas * Gadolinite * Dodrans * Caganer
* Nagaraja * Mara
Shabnama * Weneg

If you are still into the whole object-hood thing you can purchase
the album for $5.00. (postage paid inside US)


MORAL CRAYFISH @ The Knitting Factory

Moral Crayfish was honored to be offered a chance to play at the Knitting Factory for the podcast Country Feedback. It was my first live appearance in five years. It was recorded by Jeffory Simmons and edited by my self, Dan Cohoon. All sounds on the recording were produced using a prepared guitar and effect pedals. You can down load the entire performance for free here.

If you are still into the object-hood thing you can buy it for $4.00 here.

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TAKEN GIRLS: Easier than Hope

Five years ago, three days after Christmas the Taken Girls got together for their second to last jam session (their last one was on Valentine's Day night on KBOO) Jacob Anderson (Tape Mountain & Gang Wizard), Dan Cohoon (Moral Crayfish & Montgomery Park) and Eric Matchett (Turkey Makes Me Sleepy) rocked the Sky Pad one last time. What was produced is the most straight ahead rocking to date (if you think 12 min songs are straight ahead). The album is called EASIER THAN HOPE (as in, it is easier not to have hope).

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This is a co-release between Field Theory Recordings (Dan's imaginary label) and Tape Mountain (Jake's imaginary label). We are pulling a Radiohead and giving away the digital stuff for free. If you must poses a physical object we will be able to accommodate you shortly. We will be doing separate packaging, so why not collect both. Please check out the links below for future updates.

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Field Theory Recordings
Tape Mountain

You can down load the entire album free from here.
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MONTGOMERY PARK: Thurman Street Sessions

Montgomery Park was formed at the turn of the century in Portland, Oregon by Dan Cohoon, Kelly Joseph and Jim Ebenhoh. They named their band after a historic warehouse-turned-office building in northwest Portland. The band only used toy instruments, mostly bought from confused kids at garage sales, “That is a toy, why do you want that? You are NOT a kid.”

Fueled by Oregon’s stellar microbrews, the group recorded sporadically in a pyramid-shaped room with skylights and plush white carpeting. After a fertile but increasingly volatile series of sessions, which were both marred and enhanced by the occasional “punk rock accident,” the group abruptly turned off the recorder and stashed its toys in a cedar chest. The resulting tapes sat and collected dust for several years until, with some gentle prodding from Jim, Dan finally got around to remixing the stuff. Jim and Kelly now live in Wellington, New Zealand while Dan lives in Pennsylvania.

You can download the enire ablum for free here.
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MORAL CRAYFISH: I am fully aware of my own unreality.

Moral Crayfish (cover art)Posted by Picasa
This album was recorded in the month of November, 2007 for the National Record a Solo Album Month. It deals with a misadventure by Dan Cohoon involving a certain town on the north shore of Massachusetts, home to a substandard art college that has questionable tastes in public art and treats its graduates like garbage... [Hints: It is the town north of Witch City USA (a town making profit off of the massacre of women for over 250 years), it is where the people who killed all witches actually lived, John Updike lives there, Julia Childs liked to frequent a bad Chinese restaurant just north of the town), it is the town that birthed the American Navy (unless you talk to the folks in Marblehead).] It is known to some as the Garden City.

All sounds made by Dan Cohoon using prepared guitar (electric and acoustic), pot lids, chop sticks, hand drum, harmonica, violin, snare drum, maracas, Yamaha DX-100, Casio CT-K 330, Hondo II, Washburn, toy keyboards and various other implements of clatter.
You can download the entire album for free here.
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MONIKER: The Complete Recordings

Moniker was a band that existed roughly between the years of 1996-1999. The band played out exactly four times. Moniker was an improv based project between my brother and me.

The rules of Moniker were simple.
1. You could not practice with the person you were playing with before the show.
2. It was best in fact, if you did not touch your instrument at all between shows.
3. Play until at least half the audience had left.

We imagined it to be like John Zorn's Cobra but for extremely lazy people. The band eventually stopped playing out because it became harder and harder to follow the third rule.

Moniker's The Complete Recordings features the two concerts that were documented. It is the first new release on the Field Theory Recordings label.
Moniker: The Complete Recordings may be purchased for $4.00 via paypal


MORAL CRAYFISH: Catastrophic Success

All sounds made by Dan Cohoon using prepared guitar, screwdrivers, chopsticks, dowel rods, bells and various other household objects. This E.P. is less dependent on prepared guitar than previous work. Most of the sounds were produced using everyday objects that were then manipulated on the computer. It was recorded from Summer of 2005-Winter 2006 in Glen Mills, PA. It was mastered by Jacob Anderson @ Tape Mountain HQ.

The name Catastrophic Success comes from one of the many brilliant mis-statements our dear leader has made in regards to Iraq. A reporter asked what he thought of the situation in Iraq. George W. Bush replied that it was a “Catastrophic Success!” Well, he got it half right.

Underseas * Hypnotheoretical * I’m the Decider
Catastrophic Success * Misunderestimate * Make the Pie Higher
Moral Crayfish: Catastrophic Success may be purchased via PayPal for $3.00

MORAL CRAYFISH: We did not do it, but we dug it!

All sounds created by Dan Cohoon using prepared guitar, plastic water bottles, glass cups, music box, Casio CTK-330, metal bowl, AM radio static, photographic flash, coins, screwdrivers, metal flashing & various other household objects.

Recorded in the summer & fall of 2004 in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Mastered by Mini-Wagonwheel in Portland, Oregon in the winter of 2005. The quote, “We did not do it, but we dug it,” originated in the documentary The Weather Underground. It is what a hippy girl said after the Weathermen bombed the United States Capital Building.

Moral Crayfish: We did not do it, but we dug it! is available for purchase
via PayPal for $4.oo.


What does your name mean?
Um, I don’t know it just sounded cool. I guess it goes with my tradition of naming my projects after obscure mathematical or physic principals, see Amplitude Equals One Over Frequency Squared.

Will you put out a recording of my band?
Not at this time. We have little capital at FTR. If we did put your project out, it would be in such a tiny amount it would be hardly be worth it.

Are you willing to trade recordings?
Yes, as long as it is not some horrible combination of punk rock & heavy metal.