MORAL CRAYFISH: I am fully aware of my own unreality.

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This album was recorded in the month of November, 2007 for the National Record a Solo Album Month. It deals with a misadventure by Dan Cohoon involving a certain town on the north shore of Massachusetts, home to a substandard art college that has questionable tastes in public art and treats its graduates like garbage... [Hints: It is the town north of Witch City USA (a town making profit off of the massacre of women for over 250 years), it is where the people who killed all witches actually lived, John Updike lives there, Julia Childs liked to frequent a bad Chinese restaurant just north of the town), it is the town that birthed the American Navy (unless you talk to the folks in Marblehead).] It is known to some as the Garden City.

All sounds made by Dan Cohoon using prepared guitar (electric and acoustic), pot lids, chop sticks, hand drum, harmonica, violin, snare drum, maracas, Yamaha DX-100, Casio CT-K 330, Hondo II, Washburn, toy keyboards and various other implements of clatter.
You can download the entire album for free here.
If you you prefer the physical object you can get it via PayPal for $5.00

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