MONIKER: The Complete Recordings

Moniker was a band that existed roughly between the years of 1996-1999. The band played out exactly four times. Moniker was an improv based project between my brother and me.

The rules of Moniker were simple.
1. You could not practice with the person you were playing with before the show.
2. It was best in fact, if you did not touch your instrument at all between shows.
3. Play until at least half the audience had left.

We imagined it to be like John Zorn's Cobra but for extremely lazy people. The band eventually stopped playing out because it became harder and harder to follow the third rule.

Moniker's The Complete Recordings features the two concerts that were documented. It is the first new release on the Field Theory Recordings label.
Moniker: The Complete Recordings may be purchased for $4.00 via paypal