TAKEN GIRLS: Easier than Hope

Five years ago, three days after Christmas the Taken Girls got together for their second to last jam session (their last one was on Valentine's Day night on KBOO) Jacob Anderson (Tape Mountain & Gang Wizard), Dan Cohoon (Moral Crayfish & Montgomery Park) and Eric Matchett (Turkey Makes Me Sleepy) rocked the Sky Pad one last time. What was produced is the most straight ahead rocking to date (if you think 12 min songs are straight ahead). The album is called EASIER THAN HOPE (as in, it is easier not to have hope).

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This is a co-release between Field Theory Recordings (Dan's imaginary label) and Tape Mountain (Jake's imaginary label). We are pulling a Radiohead and giving away the digital stuff for free. If you must poses a physical object we will be able to accommodate you shortly. We will be doing separate packaging, so why not collect both. Please check out the links below for future updates.

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You can down load the entire album free from here.
If you are into the physical object-hood of things you can buy the
album for $5.00 via PayPal.

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