MONTGOMERY PARK: Thurman Street Sessions

Montgomery Park was formed at the turn of the century in Portland, Oregon by Dan Cohoon, Kelly Joseph and Jim Ebenhoh. They named their band after a historic warehouse-turned-office building in northwest Portland. The band only used toy instruments, mostly bought from confused kids at garage sales, “That is a toy, why do you want that? You are NOT a kid.”

Fueled by Oregon’s stellar microbrews, the group recorded sporadically in a pyramid-shaped room with skylights and plush white carpeting. After a fertile but increasingly volatile series of sessions, which were both marred and enhanced by the occasional “punk rock accident,” the group abruptly turned off the recorder and stashed its toys in a cedar chest. The resulting tapes sat and collected dust for several years until, with some gentle prodding from Jim, Dan finally got around to remixing the stuff. Jim and Kelly now live in Wellington, New Zealand while Dan lives in Pennsylvania.

You can download the enire ablum for free here.
If you are into the physical object-hood of things you can buy the EP for 4.00 via PayPal

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